Potty Baby Training: Train Your Child since Infant Period

Potty training is generally done when a child is at early age,

but usually not done during the infant age.

However, there is now a method called natural infant hygiene,

which is a fancy name for potty baby training during infant age.

The training is started early, between the time of the birth and 4 months old of age.

This is done by basically keeping the baby out of diapers completely,

and parents will hurriedly take their babies to the bathroom once they look like they are going to urinate and defecate.

potty baby training

This method of training has been subject for many discussions for so long,

and some parents turn out to be still practicing this method,

even in the US (albeit not many). Should you try this method?


Early Potty Baby and Child Centered Method

The goal of this training is to make a child learn quicker in the proper behavior of using potty.

Just like so many parents that put their children into special course before they enter kindergarten,

there are parents who want to make their children to have independent behaviors since early age by making them experience potty training early.

The method was popular in the US before the 50’s, which was the time when disposable diaper was invented and new theory in potty training was born.

Benjamin Spock, a famous pediatrician, urged parents to pay more attention to their children’s readiness and timetable when it comes to potty training.

According to him, forcing children to potty train during really early age can cause discomfort and stress,

which is not good for them.

Nonetheless, this method is still hailed now as a great way for parents to bond with babies,

and reduce waste from disposable diapers.

However, this method is not always a breeze.

Some pediatricians agree that children age less than 12 months old are too young to be potty trained,

since they are not physically ready.

This is because children do have weaker bladder and bowel control around that age.

There are also doctors that even agree potty baby train the child too early will make him/her feel stressed and hate the entire experience instead.


Best Way to Potty Train Early (potty baby training)


Early potty baby may not be common occurrence in Western families,

but no matter what kind of belief you have regarding of potty training,

you must make sure that it is done well.

Structured guide like Potty Training in 3 Days by Carol Cline is a good guide to any parents who seek for the right and clear guide about the right way to potty train.
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