How to Prepare for Potty Training Boys

There is myth that boys are harder to potty train compared to girls, but it all depends on how you train your child and what method you use. Starting potty training boys is not more difficult than girls, as long as you know how to do it properly. For all children, the principles are the same: you need to start at the right time, using the right method, and let your children gently get used to the process. 

potty training boys

Therefore, you also need big amount of patience. And of course, using the right method with guided instructions based on facts can help.

Before Starting Potty Training Boys


The most important thing in potty training any children, boys or girls, is to make sure that you are both ready. Some parents may apply early potty training, often since birth, but others cannot do it because of practicality and afraid to make the child learn slower. In boys, this is normal because boys are generally get out of diaper slower than girls, but age between 18 and 22 months is generally agreed as among the best time to potty train a child. Make sure you are ready for this before you actually start potty train the child, including preparing the right tools and method.

Here are things to prepare before actually

 potty training boys:

  • Buy the right potty tool. You can choose between buying adapter seat to attach on your regular closet and buying the actual child potty. Make sure they come in the right size, properly attached, and for the adapter seat, make sure it will not graze your son’s genitalia, which can make him associate potty training with pain.
  • Let the child learn by observation. You can start by explaining why daddy using the closet in different way from mommy, and slowly teaching him that he must also learn how to use the closet like daddy. You can also start simple anatomy teaching to your child.
  • Be honest when using body part term. It is best if the child knows the proper name of his genitalia, instead of ‘child friendly’ term like pee-pee for penis. This way, a child will not associate his own genitalia with something embarrassing.



Do not forget to get the best guide for potty training boys, such as Potty Training in 3 Days by Carol Cline. This guide has helped many parents potty training their children, and especially helpful especially if they are very busy.

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