Potty Training Myths Destroyed by Potty Training Videos

Potty training is a phase all parents must go through to form good habits in their children.Potty training videos are numerous, but many of them are ladled by myths and misconceptions that will lead to disastrous results in your own training. Many parents are desperate to find out what went wrong when their potty training methods do not work, and they do not know that they may use improper methods to potty train the children. It is time to break those misconceptions and myths using proper methods devised by potty training expert.

Potty Training Videos
Potty Training Videos



The solution came in the form of Potty Training in 3 Days, a potty training guide created by daycare owner and mother of four, Carol Cline. Her potty training guide was based on her experiences with her children and daycare kids, which she had documented before she turned them into one comprehensive guide.


So, why is her method recommended by many mothers? This is because she not only provides clear and structured guide, but also busts biggest potty training myths that have made many parents going through difficult times. Here are some myths Carol busted in her potty training videos:

  • Children will tell if they are ready for potty training. The fact is: children cannot exactly tell their parents about being ready for potty train, because they have no expectations about such habit. According to Carol, many kids are ready for potty training when they are around 22 months old.
  • Daycare can take care of potty training. In reality, many professional daycares will refuse children that are not potty trained properly.


  • Girls are easier to train than boys. In fact, both boys and girls can be as hard or easy to train. The problem lies on the way you train them.
  • Forcing the child to sit on the potty will train him/her.

In fact, this can cause children to view potty training time as something horrifying,

and they end up not being able to develop this good habit.

Carol busted these myths in her potty training guide,

and shares her method to all parents based on her actual documented experiences.

Since her method does not comprise of potty training myths,

you can be sure that your children will start using the potty of their own accords.

Potty training videos and guide are available in one neat package of Potty Training in 3 Days,

which basically proves what the title boasts about.

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