Important Things to Do when Potty Training Boys

Potty training boy or a child is very important

, and training a boy is as engaging and requiring patience as training a girl.

However,potty training boys have several specific things different from potty training girls, especially since boy has different anatomy.

When you are potty training a child, bear in mind that you do not do something exceptionally difficult, but only has few differences due to different anatomy and urinating method. Continue reading “Important Things to Do when Potty Training Boys”

How to Prepare for Potty Training Boys

There is myth that boys are harder to potty train compared to girls, but it all depends on how you train your child and what method you use. Starting potty training boys is not more difficult than girls, as long as you know how to do it properly. For all children, the principles are the same: you need to start at the right time, using the right method, and let your children gently get used to the process.  Continue reading “How to Prepare for Potty Training Boys”