How to Get Out of Potty Training Problems

Potty training is a popular term to train your child to urinate or defecate by using the potty.

When the child enters the age of two years, parents begin to teach them to go to toilet for peeing. When the training is still in the process, you may make some mistakes unconsciously that can actually cause the child slothful to do toilet training. It leads to many

potty training problems
potty training problems

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Potty Training Problems You Will Likely Encounter

Potty training is a milestone every well adjusted kid must get to ensure good development, but there are many potty training problems that risk ruining your efforts if you do not handle them with care.

These problems are very common, but unfortunately, many parents are unable to solve them because they do not know what guide to use.

Luckily, Carol Cline and her Potty Training in 3 Days guide are here to help you solving all common problems during potty training.

Potty Training Problems
Potty Training Problems



Common Potty Training Problems

Here are some common potty training problems you will likely encounter during your time toilet training your child:

  • Your child still has no control of bladder action. This makes him or her often miss the cue to urinate (but children usually gain bowel control earlier). This is something normal and parents should expect to continue potty train with this in mind.
  • The boy wants to urinate while sitting. This is also normal during early period of potty training, since a child usually gains bladder control slower than bowel control. Parents can slowly teach the child to urinate standing up once bladder control is mastered.
  • Potty Training Problems
    Potty Training Problems

Some accidents may happen. When a child experiences ‘accident’ with his or her bladder and bowel control, many parents get angry and punish the child. Actually, this is among the most serious potty training problems, since berating children this way will make them afraid of the whole potty training thing, and they probably will develop behavioral problems. Parents must be patient and use gentle way to remind the child.

  • The child does not want to go to toilet with anyone other than one special person

. That person may be you, your husband/wife or anyone whom the child feels attached to and safe with. If this happens, you need to slowly detach yourself from this process until your child is confident enough to do it himself/herself. After he/she shows some progress, maybe you can wait outside the door while the child uses potty.

  • The child wants to get back to his/her diaper days

. This regression can happen when there is stressful situation or condition around him/her. For example: sickness, quarrel between parents, presence of new sibling, moving to new house, and such.

Potty Training Problems
Potty Training Problems

Potty Training in 3 Days will help you arranging the best method to train your child to use toilet without hassle, and the common potty training problems will slowly be solved.
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Guide to Get Down Potty Training Problems

Toilet training or teaching a child to use the toilet had to be introduced early.

Readiness for toilet training is very different for each toddler.

Generally, children are taught to use the toilet between the ages of 1-2 years.

Before teach toilet training in children, you should be aware that each child has different habits and behavior so it is likely to experience

There are many factors that also affect the problems that you may find in this training.

First, potty training problems associated with dependency in terms of the use of diapers.

Potty training problems
Potty training problems

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How to Handle ‘Weird’ Potty Training Problems

Potty train your child is not something easy, and some common problems can be expected. However, some

potty training problems probably look quite weird for some parents that they have no clue what to do or expect.

Some parents who do not have good guide or experience parenting for the first time probably feel strange when seeing some problems,

but these problems can be solved as long as you know where to look for solutions.

potty training problems

potty training problems

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How to Avoid Potty Training Problems with Reward System


Potty training requires a lot of adjustment and trick to make your child finally willing to use the toilet properly and get out of diaper.

Common Potty Training Problems include children unwilling to use the toilet because they are afraid or simply thinking it is boring and less fun.

Giving reward is one of the most common recommended methods in easing the children into starting this routine and finally getting out of their diapers.

Potty Training Problems
Potty Training Problems

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