How to Choose the Safest and Most Comfortable Potty Baby

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Potty training is a difficult task for the mother. Mothers should also be able to find the best way for the child so that there is no longer a problem later. Determining the right potty baby would be a major contribution to familiarize your child in switching from diapers to the use of potty. The following are ways that can help you in order to choose the right potty.

Comfortable Potty Baby
Comfortable Potty Baby


Avoid using the adult toilet Adult toilet is not the appropriate equipment for toddlers because it makes the child uncomfortable and it is also unsafe for your child. Your child may fall or gets more difficulty to use it. There are even children who are afraid to use the big toilet when practicing potty training seats because of the sounds of water for rinsing spray. Here are some tips to choose the best potty baby:


Prioritize the security·,

Pick a potty training seat that has colors and interesting patterns·,

Select a potty training seat that is easy to carry·,

Choose a potty training seat that is easy to rinse·.



When we choose a potty baby, we should make sure the strength or durability of the equipment. This is because the seats which are not strong or stable will cause your child falls or even injured. Perhaps we always put forward safety and comfort as the main thing, but it does not mean we should ignore then the child’s interest. Children like colorful goods. Therefore, it would be better if we choose an interesting seat potty training. The child will be enthusiastic and willing to learn better with amusing pot.


In the process of potty training, we need to move the potty baby. Therefore, it is better if we make sure whether we can do this easily or can even move it with just one hand. This equipment must be handy even though there is water in it. For these reasons we need to be sure because we will often move it during our daily activities. So be sure that we will be convenient to carry it.



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