Easy Potty Training Videos for Parents

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Some parents are sometimes confused about the right time to train their kids to use the toilet.

It is because not all children are ready at the same age. So it is important for parents to see the signs of readiness of the child.

When you need to potty train your toddler by using potty training videos ? There is no definite time benchmark.

 potty training videos
potty training videos

However, usually they are already starting to show readiness to be trained from the age of 1.5 to 3 years.

Girls are usually more quickly ready than boys to be trained by parents who use potty training videos.

To train our children, we have to consider the physical and mental readiness.

Physically, your child must be able to hold his urine for a few hours.

This only happens if the muscles of the bladder was developed allowing it to hold your urine.

Mentally, your children must have been able to recognize when he want to pee.

He should also be able to communicate through facial expressions, gestures or words, before actually pee or defecation.

Here is some signs children’s potty training readiness:

He can keep the diaper remains dry for a minimum of 2 hours at a time·,

He says when he wants to urinate·,

Understand when she is asked to use the toilet·,

He can follow simple instruction in ·potty training videos,

Dislike dirty or wet diapers·,

Shows interest in toilet·.

The process can take up to 3 to 6 months, although some children may require faster time or longer depending on the child’s response to the potty training videos.

If the child has entered the age of 3 years or more but have not showed interest to use toilet,

should have already started to be taught how to dispose of the water in the bathroom.

It takes patience for parents in teaching children because children sometimes forget to say to her parents if they wish to urinate.


 potty training videos
potty training videos

If you find it frustrating to teach your children how to start using a toilet, then you can watch potty training videos

. You will get a surefire way to teach your child in only 3 days without trouble.

This method has been proven.

You will get an audio, video, and eBook that contain an explanation of how to teach your child to use the toilet without coercion.

You are more likely to stop the wasteful use of diaper and begin to switch to cloth pants.
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