How to Encourage ADHD Boys with 3 Days Potty Training

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Let alone ADHD boys, normal boys are more difficult to be trained and learn about potty compared to girls because they need longer time to grasp and get all the routine,

and this is why they need special treatment and a lot of encouragement.

However, you should not need too focused on how long will he take to get all the lessons,

because potty training requires patience and perseverance.

3 days potty training tips will help you to develop your kid’s ability to grasp the process quickly and effectively.

The key is in your hands, as you can start the training even before your child is actually ready to try the potty.

3 Days Potty Training
3 Days Potty Training

Your toddlers are very active,

he cannot sit down just for a minute, and you have frustrating time teaching him to use the potty.

If you are facing this problem, you need to get yourself together and use 3 days potty training tricks to make the magic works.

It may actually work if you know what to do and where to start.

First, start even before he’s ready to use the potty.


You can communicate and teach him by using toilet-related words to refer into the process such as poop, pee, potty, etc.

Moms also need to read and learn on their kids

3 Days Potty Training
3 Days Potty Training

’ behavior especially when they’re going to poop or pee.·

ADHD kids often have their favorite room in the house,

so you better place the potty in their favorite room for ·3 days potty training process to work.

The next step in ·3 days potty training for ADHD kids is by attracting them using their favorite toys or books.

They rarely able to shift attention so when they’re already focused on one thing, it’s hard to shift the attention.

Place their favorite toys near the potty so they can get some entertainments while doing the business.

Learn through the visual.

You may need to SHOW him how you sit on the toilet, what you’re doing, and why you need to do that.

Purchase books with picture that explain the process and tell your sons using interesting way.·

Establish a routine for 3 days potty training, as your son may difficult to be consistent.

It is important to tell him that potty training is essential for his development.

Give him reward.

Every time your son success in potty training,

give him reward with his favorite superhero character sticker or his favorite snack to encourage him doing the same process properly.·


Even ADHD kids need to learn 3 days potty training process properly, especially when moms already spot the signs of potty training readiness.

If your kids show resistance during the first trial, give it few more days to rest then start again.


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