How to Get Out of Potty Training Problems

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Potty training is a popular term to train your child to urinate or defecate by using the potty.

When the child enters the age of two years, parents begin to teach them to go to toilet for peeing. When the training is still in the process, you may make some mistakes unconsciously that can actually cause the child slothful to do toilet training. It leads to many

potty training problems
potty training problems

Actually, parents do not need to rush to do it, if the child is not ready yet. The first potty training problems is that you teach children too early and they do not have the mental and physical readiness to participate in training activities. It depends on the child’s development. However, most toddlers have the ability to learn at age of 18 and 24 months. Thus, the parents should know the best time to teach children toilet training by observing the physical development, cognitive and behavior.

The other mistakes usually done by parents are:


Start at the wrong time·,

Burden the children·,

Give punishment·.


It is not a good idea if you start training a child for potty training when actually he will have a little brother in the near future. Potty training problems also arise when a child has new nanny or other transitional periods in his life. When the child has shown interest in using potty, it is certainly very good.

potty training problems
potty training problems

Avoid forcing children to learn quickly. If the child gets stressful, he will have difficulty during defecation.

Give children time and let him undergo the learning process according to his ability. Children will learn step by step, for example,

in the beginning he will show a different expression when he want to pee. Next, he will invite you to the bathroom, and so on.

Potty training problems will not complicate you if do not burden you child.

Punish the child when he does not really want to join toilet training will not solve the potty training problems.

Realize that the child’s refusal is reasonable and if you give punishment, it will only make him unwilling to continue the training.



Do not feel frustrated if your child does not show progression. You may need the help of Carol Cline, a potty trainer for children. She will share many ways for helping you get out of this problem.

This potting training method is guaranteed so you can dispose of the diaper of your child and train him to


go to the toilet easily.
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