Grab positive potty training regression

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Every mother who do some learning session and train their kids nighttime potty training must be expected positive

potty training regression

as the final result. Want everything work well, smooth and no barrier when they start to held this activity.

But sometimes it happens opposite with what we expected.

Moreover at the first day everything already ruin and kids reaction out of control and that’s makes all plan potty training at night ruin in a minute.

Although all the best tools already prepare,

whether all the best potty training seats for boys or girls already set up and prepared well but it still ruin and fail.

So how does make it work well as we expected?


Beside you have to prepare yourself with all knowledge and information about this thus trying to learn some method,

there are other things you should do.

Since the beginning before you held this activity and plan to work with this you have to make some good communication with your kids.

Explain to them about your plan and trying to communication with them,

involved them in everything you need to do for this activity.

Communicate and ask them to involve in all the preparation that you have to do to make your plan succeed and work well.


Through this way its similar with wakes them up and stimulate their nerves thus their mind. Make them excited with all the busy things and preparation. They will got a feeling of “ I can’t wait any longer, want to do it now and as soon as possible “. This feeling and this stimulate we can use and it will be good to support your plan. It’s because through this makes them excited.

With this excitement you can make them cooperate and

follow your plan so it won’t be difficult anymore for you to ask them to follow you.

Create the situation as fun learning session and

don’t show / give pressure to your kids to follow you because it won’t help at all.

It will just make all the situation worst and ruin your plan.

Do it with patience and step by step through a good communication with your kids.

Not for long you will see that your potty training at night plan work well

thus give a positive potty training regression at the end of the day.

And you will satisfy with your achievement and you will be proud with

your kids for all their effort and the result you get.
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