Guide to Get Down Potty Training Problems

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Toilet training or teaching a child to use the toilet had to be introduced early.

Readiness for toilet training is very different for each toddler.

Generally, children are taught to use the toilet between the ages of 1-2 years.

Before teach toilet training in children, you should be aware that each child has different habits and behavior so it is likely to experience

There are many factors that also affect the problems that you may find in this training.

First, potty training problems associated with dependency in terms of the use of diapers.

Potty training problems
Potty training problems

Children who are accustomed to using disposable diapers will usually feel uncomfortable when introduced with cloth pants.

 They wear diapers because it has become a habit so you should be able to change this habit over time since it is not possible for a child to wear diapers until he is growing up. Some tricks to get over this problem are as follows:

  • Introduce toilet to your child,
  • Recognizechild’s behavior,
  • Useuseful tools.

The child who is not familiar to toilet can be one of the potty training problems. Children under 1 year are generally still using diapers daily. When your child will be trained to use the toilet, you must first introduce him to the object. For example, by talking to your child when he is bathing, cleaning up his poop or pee. You should say that he must use the toilet for pooping or peeing and show him the potty.


Usually, before defecating, your child will give signs such as straining. If you see this signs, immediately take the child to the toilet. Ask the child if he wants to use the toilet or not because a lot of kids are still afraid to use the toilet. If the child does not want to use potty, let him to pee in the toilet.

These potty training problems will be easily solved for kids will understand the function of the toilet and potty.



You can buy a mini potty to teach toilet training your child in baby equipment stores.

You demonstrate how to use it in front of him and do repeatedly.

Slowly, ask your child to practice what you have already demonstrated.

If you still cannot cope with potty training problems, do not discourage.

Carol Cline with her useful video will show you the way to deal with difficult child.

When you follow the steps properly, there is no problem that cannot be getting down.