How to Handle ‘Weird’ Potty Training Problems

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Potty train your child is not something easy, and some common problems can be expected. However, some

potty training problems probably look quite weird for some parents that they have no clue what to do or expect.

Some parents who do not have good guide or experience parenting for the first time probably feel strange when seeing some problems,

but these problems can be solved as long as you know where to look for solutions.

potty training problems

potty training problems

Bizarre Potty Training Problems and How to Solve Them

Some problems that look quite bizarre actually can be solved by some simple methods you probably do not expect.

Here are some problems you may encounter when potty train your child:

    • The child wants to play with the stool.

While this may be disgusting and strange for adults, this is completely normal when happens to a potty trained child.

A child plays with stool out of curiosity,

so the best thing you can do is teaching your child that the stool is not something to be played with.

Over time, he/she will pick it up.


    • The child cries or gets upset when his/her stool is flushed.

Some children can experience the feeling of attachment to their stool because they feel it coming out,

and they think it as the part of their bodies.

You can solve this potty training problem by slowly making your child understands that this is important for cleanliness and health,

but with simpler explanation.

  • The child has fear of getting sucked into the toilet when it is flushed.

This can happen if you use seating toilet and the child is afraid of hearing the gurgling sound of water and the sight of water swirling.

You can lessen the child’s fear by putting a piece of toilet paper into the toilet, and let your child flush it.


The child goes to specific spot or corner and asks for diaper before defecating.

While this is clearly an accident, do not berate your child because it means that he/she is actually ready to be potty trained.

Teach your child to go to the bathroom and sit on the toilet instead.

These seemingly weird potty training problems can be solved by applying the right potty training method.

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