Important Things to Do when Potty Training Boys

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Potty training boy or a child is very important

, and training a boy is as engaging and requiring patience as training a girl.

However,potty training boys have several specific things different from potty training girls, especially since boy has different anatomy.

When you are potty training a child, bear in mind that you do not do something exceptionally difficult, but only has few differences due to different anatomy and urinating method.

By doing the right thing and choosing the best guide, you will be successful to train your son, even in just several days.

potty training boys
potty training boys

What to Do when Potty Training Boys

Here are some important things that you need to do when potty training your son:

  • ‘Cool’ underwear as motivation. When a child finally learns to potty train, say that he can finally wear ‘adult underwear’ with nice color and pattern, like his father or brother. You can use this as a motivation for your son to properly learn to use the toilet, so later you can go together to the store and he can pick nice proper underwear that he likes.
  • Plan the schedule for potty training. Parents can choose to alternate between putting the child in diaper and underpants, or just fully start with underpants. The schedule must be regular to ease the child and make him comfortable with his new routine. You can discuss it with your spouse and your child’s doctor to determine the best schedule.
  • Having example for your son is important when potty training boys, such as your husband or family member and

even family friend you can trust. Your son can observe how the adult uses toilet properly, so he can get real observation of the proper way using toilet.

  • Sit first, stand later. When potty training boys, do not expect them to urinate while standing up right away.

Since the bowel reaction often come together with bladder reaction, the most important thing is making the son feel comfortable with sitting on the actual toilet first,

and then gradually teach him how to use closet.


Make sure you hold on the right and proper guide to apply methods of potty training.

Potty Training boys in 3 Days by Carol Cline is an example of good potty training

guide based on professional and personal experience of the maker

, who is a mother and professional daycare owner.

Apply this guide and see how your son develops quickly in using the potty.

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