How to Do Potty Baby Training in Less Than a Week

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If you have a baby, there are a lot of difficult responsibilities waiting for you. However,potty training your baby is probably a task where many parents go clueless about. Potty baby training is a task where many parents are drowned in confusion and stress, and even embarrassment. If you just have a baby, are potty training your kid or plan to have baby, you may find yourself stressing over these problems:

  • Worry about having to change dirty diapers for a long time, even after the other kids already know their ways around the proper potty routine.
Potty baby training
Potty baby training


  •  Worry about being unable to do this proper step in a kid’s development and become source of talks, concern and even embarrassment.
  • Worry about not feeling adequate enough to be a good parent by being unable to potty train your child.

They are stressful situations to be in, but why go through all those hassles? All you have to do is finding the right method of potty baby training from detailed, step by step guide.

Potty Baby Training Myths to Break

Before we move to the solution, know that many guides about potty training are not only confusing (since there are many sources that come from different experiences), but also full of myths. These myths render your potty training useless and even make your children develop worst potty habits, which can lead to some behavioral problems. Some of the most popular potty baby myths are:

  • It is okay to let daycare center potty train the children. This is not only unacceptable, but it will also make your children experience rough days. Plus, more and more daycare centers now actually reject children that are not potty trained.
  • Potty train is easy: just put the child on the potty! Wait, this is not true. Sure some parents see their children doing it when they are being seated, but it is usually just because the children happen to sit there. Without instructions and clear guide, children will never learn because they are not sure what the parents want.
  • Let the child sits in his/her soiled diaper. This is a big no; you will teach your child that soiled diaper is okay, and they will never learn the right way to use toilet. This will also cause discomfort and health problems from the dirty diaper.

If these are not the right ways, what are the right ones? I will tell you exactly what works for you and your child: Potty Training in 3 Days.

“What? Do you mean I can actually potty train my child in less than a week!?”

Yes, it is true, and let me tell you what makes this product great.

Why You Must Buy Potty Training in 3 Days

There are many good reasons why you must buy Potty Training in 3 Days.

This handy guide was created by Carol Cline,

a mother of four who also runs a daycare,

which has been gone through the same difficult experiences as you in potty baby training.

She documented every experience in her own period of potty training her first child, before finally finding out what actually ‘clicked’ on the right methods of potty training a child.

Starting from parents of students at her daycare, Carol then made the guide handy for everyone who ever needs the actual fact-based methods in potty training.

She basically explained

several steps of the right potty training, which are:

  • Getting the child ready even when she or he seems not interested. Your child will end up cannot wait to use his or her first potty.
  • Getting ready as a parent. Many parents start potty training their children in panic mode, since they are completely clueless about what to expect. This guide will ease the parents to go into the steps carefully, so parents will be more confident.
  • Going through the first day rightly. The first day is the most important part; it starts the whole tone and atmosphere, and it gets everyone ready for the next part.
  • Training to go potty at night. This is important step to teach children to use the toilet properly when they feel they need to go even at night, something that sounds simple but very important.
  • The final two days, which are the times when parents must really work on these methods to see their children finally use toilet and refuse to wear diaper for the first time.

How successful is this method?

For illustration, Carol Cline’s Potty Training in 3 Days has been bought by more than 263,000 customers from 154 countries,

and the numbers are rising.



So, what are you waiting for? Order one copy of Potty Training in 3 Days and see how your potty baby training works like wonder in less than a week!

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