How to Avoid Potty Training Problems with Reward System

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Potty training requires a lot of adjustment and trick to make your child finally willing to use the toilet properly and get out of diaper.

Common Potty Training Problems include children unwilling to use the toilet because they are afraid or simply thinking it is boring and less fun.

Giving reward is one of the most common recommended methods in easing the children into starting this routine and finally getting out of their diapers.

Potty Training Problems
Potty Training Problems

However, remember that parents must use reward strategically to make it effective. Without proper application and good guide,

even the best reward will not work on your child.


Reward System Tricks for Potty Training Problems

Reward system does not have to be complicated;

it can be something like sweets,

a piece of cookie you usually do not give easily, or 30 minutes of game playing.

However, you cannot use the reward when the child is too young to understand that he or she can do something to get reward.

This is to make sure that the child can perfectly associate good potty habit with the reward.

The best age to apply reward system to your child is around 16-18 months of age.

Reward options can range from sweets, cookie, crayon, small toys, colorful stickers, or simply time to play game.

When you give the reward,

do not forget to do it as soon as your child finishes his or her potty training goal,

to make the association between the potty training and the reward becomes stronger.

You can emphasize this by saying something like, “good! Now you can have this because you have been good in (insert potty training goal).”

Make sure you explain it so your child understands.

However, you must also make sure that the reward giving be done gradually to avoid manipulative behaviors and ineffective potty training.

For example, first you give reward for simply sitting on the closet on the child’s own accord.

Later, the reward limit must be raised; you give it only when the child finishes potty time without accident, for example.


Reward and Good Potty Training Guide

Potty Training in 3 Days by Carol Cline is a good,

practical guide you can apply together with the reward system.

With this practical guide, and combined with proper reward system,

you can make your child finishes his or her potty training successfully without any serious potty training problems.

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