How to Train Children with Potty Training Videos

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Train the child to use the toilet is one of the difficulties often faced by parents. Most of the parents are less aware of when the right time to begin to ask children quitting using diapers again. They also do not know that they can learn how to take their children to the toilet by watching potty training videos.

 Potty Training Videos
Potty Training Videos


You must be able to recognize when children want to pee. When you have seen the signs, invite your child to the toilet. Although he is not going to pee, he will remind bathrooms as well as suggesting urinating. In addition to the way, you can follow the tutorial that is in potty training videos. Here are some tips to potty train the children:


Begin not to use diapers·,

Use Potty·,

Stay relaxed·,

Create habits·,

Give praise·.


Try putting on fabric pants fabric on your child. If he has a favorite shirt, this will make him feel more pity to make a mess on it. If he has wet pants, never scold him, but invite him to the toilet to clean it, so he can understand that the dirt must be cleaned and disposed in the toilet. Practice using the potty in potty training videos that resembles a toilet in the bathroom, but with a smaller size. This potty will be easier to use because of its smaller size. If you force him to use a potty with a normal size, he may be experiencing difficulties and do not want to urinate in the toilet.


Do not put too much pressure on your child to pass potty training videos as soon as possible. If he makes a mistake, do not be angry easily, because as a parent, you should be able to understand why he is failed in the training. Try to habituate your child to go to the toilet when he gets up in the morning. This will be a new habit for him. Give praise when he can do it, since it will make him happy and motivated.



Reminding children to go to the toilet is not easy because it takes patience to do so. At first the child may be very dependent on the diaper so that they are lazy to go to the toilet. Carol Cline gives you a simpler way by creating potty training videos that are easy to practice by all parents. In just 3 days, the child will be potty trained and you do not need to change a wet diaper again.

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